Here you get automation solutions
whether it is from A to Z or as an integration in a larger process

Machines & Processes

At Optilogic we are both engineers and programmers, and we have over 20 years of experience within the automation and production environment. We can get help optimize your machines and processes.

We provide complex machines and other automation solutions designed for your specifications and needs. We have a great deal expertise in machine production, automation, programming, and implementation of processes for industry.

We want to be your machine manufacturer, and with us as a partner you are guaranteed high professionalism. You always get assistance with design, setup and support – whether it is on-site, or remote support.

As an example, you can read about our Checkweighers.


Optilogic can also develop industrial software for implementation in your production.

Our software is written for both Windows and Linux, so we are flexible in terms of the best solution for you.

Whether it is the design of control panels, programming of PLC/panel/SCADA, HMI and MES integration, as well as the collection and processing of data.

Take a look at our data logger, we call DataMagnet, for more information.

Optilogic - Automation, Checkvejere og Software til Industrianlæg

Industry 4.0

Today’s production requires complex automation processes, as a multitude of technologies can now have a nuanced interaction – the concept called the fourth industrial revolution.

We can produce advanced machines that can be connected to current data, so that it all culminates into a higher logistic unity for you.

Among other things, it is here the use of Big Data comes in. As all the interacting processes deliver large amounts of data – just waiting to be made usable.

As we master both worlds of engineers and programmers, we are well equipped to help you with all Industry 4.0 and Big Data solutions – we find the perfect interaction between data and processes for you.