You get the certification, scale and precision weighing,

perfect for your needs

Open System

Unlike typical checkweighers we work with an “open” system. This means more flexibility and freedom around the design of your checkweighers – so you can optimize your production line.

At Optilogic you can get a checkweigher for your production. We work with leading suppliers and use components by reputable brands, so you always know the quality is top notch.

We provide checkweighers for both integration of established processes, or for entire automation solutions. We also service on-site and/or via remote access – whatever is easiest for you. See our Automation-section.

You therefore get the checkweigher that meets your production requirements and you avoid waste. On top of that, you also save money on spare parts in the long run, as it is easy to replace components in our production equipment.

Dynamic Dimensions

You get quality weights from us, both for integration and whole processes. Implemented exactly where you get the most out of them.

We have produced weights in several sizes, and for very different needs.

E.g. we have programmed and manufactured a large, certified bulk-weight, that weighs out 1.2 tonnes of fish at a time, up to 650 tonnes per hour, in cooperation with Jydsk Vægtfabrik A / S.

In contrast to the above, we have developed a precision-weight that weighs out and apportions vitamins into 10-gram portions, with a maximum tolerance of ± 0.1 grams.

Let us help you, so we together can future-proof your production.

Optilogic - Automation, Checkvejere og Software til Industrianlæg

Data Logging

We also develop industrial software, so you can get versatile automation solutions for your production line.

E.g. We can also supply our data logger, we named DataMagnet, to your checkweighers/weighing solutions.
With DataMagnet you get complete insight into your production data, in the form you need, and therefore the possibility of optimizing your operation.

You can read more about the interaction between machines and data, in our Industri 4.0 section.