A datalogger to optimize your production

Strategic Consultation

We would like to have a free, and non-committal, strategic conversation with our customers, in order to best adapt DataMagnet to your particular needs – so you can make the most out of your data.

With DataMagnet you have the option of customization, yet still as a plug-n-play solution. I.e. DataMagnet gets installed where most suitable, so your data is collected and handled in the form you want it – quickly, easily and efficiently.

We would also like to be your partner for complete solutions, not only for data logging and data processing. Read more on our Automation page.

See the video below, to get a little insight into what DataMagnet can do for you.

Big Data

The information from your machines and production is extensive and it requires an advanced effort to make optimal use of the large amount of data.

DataMagnet provides a continuous collection, storage and analysis of your data – in real time.

You get access to the necessary information in the forms you want: Report generation, statistics, production processes, whatever you need.

For example, LIP Bygningsartikler A/S has gotten complete control of their inventory with the use of their DataMagnet. It has created an overview of their pallet racks and put their extensive stock in a manageable system.

Data Security

DataMagnet continuously makes all your data available and that requires optimal data protection. It is here DataMagnet’s flexibility enters the picture.

The collection and processing of your data is important for your productivity, as it provides a deep insight into your processes.
Where many data loggers today send the data directly into the Cloud, DataMagnet can also store, process and interpret your production data – on-site.

This means you can get complete control of your data security wherever you want it – while having the same web-based access to your data reporting.

The faster you contact us the faster DataMagnet can get started on helping you.


In order to get started with programming your very own AGV, we have compiled a few downloads you will use during the workshop. Find them via the links below.